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Saturday, October 22, 2011

First trip to Whitey's Fish Camp

Tonight, rather on the spur of the moment, a group of friends and I decided to run over to Whitey's Fish Camp and have dinner. Since I only had a basic idea of where Whitey's was, it was a bit of an adventure. Thank God for Google maps and GPS!

Whitey's is one of those places that seems to escape the march of time. I get the feeling that it hasn't changed in years. I especially enjoyed the photos of "old Jacksonville" from a time when photos only came in black & white and people dressed to go out boating.

I'm pretty sure that everything there is fried. But the portions were huge, the food pretty good, and the atmosphere was awesome.

The best part? Coming back out to the boat at the end of the meal and seeing her sitting at the dock ready to go.

Coming home, we had the sun at our backs. People often talk about all the money we put into our boats, but they sometimes forget about what all that money and work gets them.

It was a great night and looking forward to many more just like it!

- Jim

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