The adventures of the vessel "The Hard Six" and the man owned by her!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do

The boat on the lift being pressure washed.
We had our survey today. She passed with flying colors.

It was a beautiful morning, and with the exception of the fact that it was ridiculously hot by mid-day, a wonderful day on the water all in all.

I particularly love this photo. This was was the scene I was greeted with when I got to Marina this morning. 

The yard put her back in the water and it was time for the sea trial

The surveyor kept saying how she was solid, but needed updating
- i.e. cleaning and general TLC. 

 During the sea test she topped out at 27.5 mph at w.o.t..

I think the previous owner had fallen out of love with her and just didn't want to invest the time any longer to keep her up. His comment to me was "Ever break up with a girlfriend, and then realize that you didn't really want to break up with her"? I felt for him. Anytime you part with a boat that you have loved, labored, and sweated over, it's hard to let her go.

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