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Thursday, July 26, 2012

So I know I've been quiet lately

The Hard Six has been going through a bit of a transformation lately...

I decided to embark on the cabin refurbishment about 2 months ago... In the process I found a bunch of items I wasn't expecting that had to be done. Par for the course, I know.

So here's the excitement from last night:

Went down to work on fiberglass repairs last night and found 6 inches of water in the bilge. 

- attempt to remain calm -

- turn on pumps -

- swear -

- wonder why new "automatic" pump isn't so much "automaticing"

- trace wires -

- trace wires -

- correct wiring fault -

- wonder where the leak is -

- swear more -

- panic -

- discover that packing nut is leaking badly -

- test automatic pump -

- test it again -

- begin breathing again -

- wonder if I should eat dinner or breakfast at 11:30pm -

- go home and not sleep till 4:15 am wondering if the boat will be on the bottom this morning -

So long story short..... too late..... The packing is now replaced and no leaking. The guy from the yard didn't even want to try the job because of where the shaft nut was at. So I went and removed the port exhaust and raw water intake so he could get at the stupid thing. Then he was willing to come do the job. Apparently, mine also works backwards ( right = loose, left = tight). Go figure. 

Good news is the new Corian countertops get installed tomorrow! Yes, that's right Corian.

Here's a before picture to hold you over...

And here's what it looks like right now:

More later....


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