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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tropical Storm Andrea

To say that I did a lot of work on the cabin of my Cat might be an understatement. I feel like I replaced and rebedded an entire West Marine full of hardware. Replaced seals, patched fiberglass holes, basically sealed everything I could find. 

When I realized that Tropical Storm Andrea was going to hit while my boat was on the hard and not in her nice covered slip, I was, to say the least, worried. I had visions of huge water stains in my headliner and my cabin smelling like low tide. 

Well, I went down and saw her tonight. I opened the cabin door and it was hot. But better than that, it was a dry heat. No stains, no runs, no water intrusion that I could find. I have to say it was a pretty nice feeling to know that all that hard work payed off. That she was once again, weathertight.

Thank God for small mercies! I could not have gone through another freaking cabin re-do and certainly not another headliner replacement!


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