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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The SeaDek project

Some of you may be acquainted with a show called ShipShape TV and a guy named John Greviskis. If you aren't, just think "This Old House" for boats and you'll have the idea.

My Sunday morning routine is to get up, make coffee, and watch the show. You can learn tons from this guy. He is always also talking about new products in the marine industry. And that's the rub. You see something like SeaDek and say "Hey, that's just what I need for the cockpit on the boat!" and then you go away and quietly begin writing checks.

Myt cockpit floor was structurally sound, and completely serviceable. It had stains and spider cracks as you would expect for a 26 year old boat. I started thinking about all the repair work that would have to be done to make it look "right" and well after seeing SeaDek on ShipShape - it started to make sense. It's an EVA foam that looks like teak, requires zero maintenance, has great non-skid properties, and can be washed with a pressure washer. I mentioned it to my fiberglass guy one day and he said "I do that". This is the part where I started writing checks.

So - here's some photos:




I hired a guy to do all the work. Could I have done the templates myself? Probably. But, it's important to know what you can do, and what is better to hand off to a pro. If I didn't get the template right, I'd have a ton of useless SeaDek as it was custom. So I decided to make it Aaron's problem if there was going to be one.

Was it expensive? Yes.
Was it required? No.

Does it make the boat look like another vessel entirely, YOU BET! I think it takes 15 years off her.

Would I do it again? - yes, tomorrow!


  1. Great looking install Jim. Can I ask the name of the company that did the installation?

    Thanks, Jason

  2. Sure - Contact Aaron @ Excel Custom Fiberglass @ 904-716-2803. Tell him you saw my boat.