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Friday, April 4, 2014

2013 Jacksonville Light Parade

Yes, I spent a ton of money on rails and canvas so clearly it was now time to use the boat, right!?

The work was done right before Thanksgiving, just in time for the Jax Light Parade. Myself and 2 other boats from my marina made it an overnight at the Jacksonville Metropolitan Marina. A really nice facility if you find yourself in the area. Dockage is free most of the time (except during special events) and power and water are cheap.

My two partner boats
"The Fleet" at Metro Park

Now for those of you in the cooler climates you won't appreciate what I am going to say here, so just skip ahead to the Photo Gallery.

It was COLD! like 30s-40s kind of cold that all of us in Florida moved here to get away from! THANK GOD I got the new canvas. I was pretty comfortable in the Captain's Chair.

I can't really say that for a couple of my passengers that night. They really were troopers though. I think I gave them enough "antifreeze" to survive.

Photo Gallery:

Except for the weather, it was a great event! I always look forward to the light parades and this one was no exception!

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