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Saturday, November 12, 2011

She has a name...

So this weekend is the de-name / naming ceremony.

In maritime fashion, I decided that there should also be a party as well.

 One of the reasons I got the fiberglass work done was so that she would look great for the party ($$). The other was it seemed silly to put new vinyl graphics ($) on an oxidized hull. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?

Hey Mr. Detail guy... while you're at it, let's replace the blue stripes on the cabin side ($). Mr Detail guy says: "sure, do you want us to pull the old ones off for you ($)?" 

Me: "Hmm, I won't have time to do that myself before the detailing, better have them go ahead and do it."

Me: "You know, since we are doing the cabin side stripes, let's go ahead and do the ones on the hull just below the rub rail too so they all match ($)." 

Mr. Detail Guy: "sure, we can do that for you!" ($$)

Oh, I'm gonna need to get a cake for the party ($) aren't I? 

Sheesh, I guess I should feed all these people too! I know, I'll make BBQ. Everyone loves my BBQ! Beef brisket ($), and pulled pork ($). And hey, you can't have BBQ without beer, right ($)?

I think this may be the most expensive party I have ever thrown!

More photos coming soon. For a change I wasn't they guy with the camera!


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