The adventures of the vessel "The Hard Six" and the man owned by her!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why "The Hard Six"?

Boats are a gamble. Ask anyone who owns or has owned one. Even people that buy brand new boats can and do have problems.

Buying an older boat has a lower cost of admission, but is a bigger gamble. Everything is older. The wiring, the plumbing, everything.
Another classic - a
1958 Constellation express

Personally, I like older boats. I think they have more character. I get compliments all the time on my Chris-Craft. They have classic lines and if you look back, the Chris-Craft express cruisers haven't really changed all that much over the years.

Old boats do have benefits. Older Chris Craft's hulls are built like tanks. Her fiberglass is thicker and tougher than most anything you can buy today for less than the sum of the GDP of a small oil producing nation. No coring, solid fiberglass.

But, I digress....

People that know me know that I am a huge Battlestar Galactica Fan. There is a phrase from that show that Admiral Adama says that I felt completely embodied the idea of buying an older boat. "Sometimes you gotta' roll the hard six". It's a phrase that describes a high risk / high reward operation that has long odds. In gambling parlance, a "hard six" is a pair of threes. Thus the dice on the logo.

Boaters often focus on the costs of boating. The costs of repairs. The costs of fuel. The costs of insurance. But they frequently forget the times on the water that are as close to perfect as I think you can find on this planet - and that's a pretty high reward.

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