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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Fridge

So my fridge stopped working on shore power. I really hated the idea of running 24x7 on 12v almost as much as I hated the idea of warm beverages on my boat.

In reading about Norcold refrigerators, it mentioned that there was a fuse in the back of the fridge that may have tripped (on the newer ones, there is); so we pulled it out.

To say that the bottom of the fridge was rusty would imply that it still had a bottom. Which it pretty much didn't. It was so rusted and "flaky" that it crumbled in my hand.

I had to go to West Marine for something else anyway, and wouldn't you know it they just happened to have the right one (Norcold 3.6 ft2 AC/DC) in stock that was a perfect fit. Even better, it was dented on the front panel, and on the side. So I got a deal on it.

Cut and slid in the a front Teak veneer panel, and:

In the garage, veneered and ready to go 
Here it is after installation

I think it looks great and when the teak is varnished or oiled (haven't decided yet) it is gonna look amazing.


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