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Saturday, March 2, 2013


One of the smaller tasks that needed done on the boat was that neither of the wipers worked... At all.

In investigating the issue, I discovered that the reason they didn't work (and kept blowing fuses) was that the wiring was a bit off. Well, exactly backwards to be exact, which as you can guess is a bit of a problem. Switched the wiring and, well, they still didn't work. !}|£~%#'t !

Turns out that both motors were seized as well. My buddy opened up one of the housings to see if there was a chance that they were serviceable. It smelled like low tide inside. The other one was just as seized.

Fortunately, my girl came with one extra wiper motor, so I installed that, and success! Except now I need a matching motor. Well, how much could they be, right?

$180! Really? For a freaking wiper motor?

So I went to my favorite marine surplus store (Sailors Exchange) and they had one for $80, which still seemed like a stupid amount of money for a 12v motor.

Ok, now I need new wiper blades. If $80 for the motor seemed high, $30 each for the blades seemed like par for the course.

Project done, but seemed like it might have been cheaper to hire someone to wipe them by hand when it rained!

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