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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bottom Job

Oh yes - the odyssey continues....

It appears that the last bottom job that was done on my girl was utilizing incompatible paints. As a result, my bottom paint just died. yes, that was the word the yard manager used. DIED.

Here's a few pictures of the carnage:

You can see from these photos how many barnacles were on the bottom. You may ask "when was it last pressure washed?". The answer is a month ago. And my boat lives in a covered slip in barely brackish water. 

As an example... These trim tabs were scraped CLEAN when she was out of the water. And there wasn't ONE rider on my hull went she went back in the water.

The end game is that the bottom will need to come all the way down to the fiberglass. This is done by a method called "soda blasting". Think sandblasting that doesn't destroy the fiberglass underneath by using Baking Soda for the aggregate. 

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