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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cabin Trim

When Chris Craft built the boat they created trim panels that ran the leangth of the cabin liner to cover where the top cap and hull were mated and attached. Being the 80's they used a pretty horrible laminate material over some sort of fiberboard. It had not aged well over the years:

Since I truly enjoy varnish work, I decided to change these out to real teak. So I called my good friends at World Panel Products and a couple days later a giant box was on my front doorstep.

It was pretty easy to overlay the old panels to cut the new ones. Making like for like.

Never underestimate the worth of a cheap power too from Harbor Freight!

After 1 coat of varnish

Here are the results, 7 (I think) coats of Flagship Varnish later:

 I'll try to remember to add photos of the cabin with these installed. For some reason, I never took any! Go figure. But I can tell you, it made way more of a difference than I ever expected it would!

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