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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The TV Project

One of the things that I though The Hard Six needed was additional creature comforts.

Last year I added a stereo and some Infinity speakers for "on deck" entertainment. That was good, but mostly when underway, or in the cockpit. So, being a normal American, I decided that the old girl needed a TV.

So, I cashed in my credit card miles for Amazon.com points and order a 26" Vizio LED TV, mounting bracket, and Western Digital WDLive Internet content streaming device, plus an antenna.

That was the easy part!

My buddy Fred used to be in the custom home theater business, so he agreed to help me hang it since he is a wiz with that kind of stuff.

I also scored a really nice matching Vizio SoundBar at CompUSA that was the perfect fit for the ledge in the cabin just below the TV. You can see it in the photo here.

I wanted the wiring hidden as much as possible so, we drilled a couple holes in the cabin shelf, and installed an outlet in the hanging locker. Once that was done, we routed all the cabling and secured it to the bottom of the shelf using screw down zip ties.

A Peerless swing tilt bracket was mounted to the bulkhead so you would be able to see the TV from the bunks or the dinette.

And finally, everything all wired up, wire loom to cover the wiring running to the TV and ready to go!

You can see the little WDLive box next to the SoundBar. This think can stream music and video over the Internet, or you can plug in a USB stick and play locally. Not a bad gadget for $50!

All and all, it really makes the cabin much more like a home away from home and I know I will get a lot of use out of the TV and the SoundSystem!

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